Technical Pre-sales specialist or consultant

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana
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As an Technical Pre-sales specialist or consultant, you’ll be pitching solutions to customers in general & On a daily level your job is likely to include:

  • Assisting the sales team to understand the pain points of the clients
  • Determining a client’s business requirements and whether the products being considered are suitable
  • Answering any technical questions the client might have
  • Presenting your solution to the client along with the account rep
  • Enable the sales team with required tech-skills & assisting them in passing through the learning path to achieve the mandated competencies.

Skills & Qualifications

In most cases, you’ll need to be educated to degree level with technical(engineering with computer science background), possibly with relevant

  • Work experience of atleast 2+ Years.
  • Excellent selling skills & technical knowledge
  • A keen interest in IT issues
  • superb vocational, Presentation, Negotiating skills & ability to write reports and proposals
  • The capacity to work well on your own or in a team
  • The ability to manage your time and plan your day effectively
  • The Passion towards playing with latest technology solutions & platforms
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